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While Sanders did work as a steam engine stoker, filling station operator, and insurance salesman before opening his restaurant in Kentucky, it was his time spent in the restaurant business that would cement his place in history. There, he perfected his technique for cooking chicken and came up with his secret formula.

Sanders then set out across the United States to pitch his chicken dish to eateries. The plan was for him to provide the recipe for free and then get a commission on every chicken dishes sold.

Colonel Sanders was turned down a total of 1009 times before he finally got a yes.

Colonel Sanders exemplifies the importance of perseverance when pursuing goals.



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One of the most uplifting and inspiring of these motivational tales is that of Harriet Tubman.

Harriet Tubman, who was born into slavery in Maryland, was beaten severely by her masters throughout her servitude. While in Philadelphia in 1849, Tubman was able to return to Maryland and save her family.

Working covertly at night, Tubman smuggled her rescued relatives out of the state. As time went on, she rescued other slaves and brought them with her; in total, she made 13 rescue trips and freed almost 70 people.

The American Civil War saw Tubman make history as the first female commander of an armed force.

This list of real-life inspirational stories would be incomplete without including Harriet Tubman, who dedicated her life to freeing as many slaves as she could using the Underground Railroad and then helped them find jobs.